Privilege Plan



Enjoy flexible, affordable dental care with our Independent Dental Health Plan

Regular attendance to see your dentist and dental hygienist helps us to improve and maintain

your oral health. There is clear evidence within our practice that patients who attend regularly

for examinations and hygiene appointments tend to require less dental treatment overall.

Our Independent Dental Health Plan represents fantastic value, spreads the cost of your

regular dental care and provides you with easy access to high quality dental treatment when

required. Members are guaranteed quality time with your dental health professionals, access to

superior dental materials and treatments, plus great reductions in the cost of cosmetic dental




Is this plan right for you?

If you like the predictability of fixed costs for your dental treatment the Independent Dental Health

Plan could be perfect for you. We have designed the plan so the cost of your regular dental

examinations and hygiene appointments are covered by an affordable monthly payment of £13.50.



That is only 44 pence a day for your regular dental care.


When you do require dental treatment there are two levels of fees:


Treatment provided under level 1 is £84.95 per course of clinically required treatment.


Treatment provided under level 2is £329.95 per course of clinically required treatment.

Monday- 8am-5pm
Tuesday- 8am- 5pm
Wednesday- 8am-5pm
Thursday- 8am-5pm
Friday- 8am-4pm
Saturday- Closed
Sunday- Closed